Welcome to my world

Ok, so this is me. I try to never get on the front side of a camera, but was caught coming in the gate last December.


And these are my dog girls. They don't like having their pictures taken either. Nice butt shot, huh?

The view from the front gate taken on a rare sunny winter day. That's my old house in the background. It was built in 1882 and is one of the oldest houses in the area. The house looks best from this far away. It needs work, but its coming along. 


I took this from the edge of the yard looking south. Peone creek runs through the valley below.  
The back edge of my land is a few hundred feet beyond the top of the hill and the trees.

This is Mt. Spokane and the foot hills surrounding Peone Prairie where I live. My family came here in the 1880's and homesteaded in the area. The mountain is about 5800' and the Idaho panhandle is just beyond. I took this photo a couple miles up the road from home. The mountains turn pink at sunset in winter if it is clear. It's pretty, but gets very cold on clear nights. brrrrr 

This is a few of my toys. The blue one is a 17" that I built a couple years ago. The wood is 120 year old pine salvaged from the upstairs of my house. The mirror was hand ground and polished and is silver coated. The others are a C-8 with extras and a Great Polaris mount and platform for cameras. This are just of few of the telescopes I own and have built. Wait until you see the next one! This picture was taken on August12th, 2002, in the hills above Goldendale in the Southern desert country of Washington.

Here is what obsession can lead to. The main telescope is a Celestron 8" on an equatorial clock driven mount. My Minolta X700 camera is attached to it on the back. The scope on top is used to track a guide star and make fine adjustments to the tracking during exposures. The black box thing on top is a telrad and is used for locating objects. The smaller scope on the side is also a finder scope. Sitting below out of the photo is the main control box, hand controls and battery 

More soon. maybe....


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